Alice Standing Right in Photo


Select Reviews

“A lovely and lyrical tribute…an important reminder of how much America has changed in the course of [Walker]’s lifetime, in part because of her efforts.” – Los Angeles Times

“…lyrical, haunting and intimate…It’s a beautiful film: a testament to the power of narrative, textual and visual, and to finding your way when the path isn’t always clear.” – Ms. Magazine

“Anew PBS documentary about writer Alice Walker finally tells her powerful story…a cascade of impressive words and images revealing the life’s journey of a renowned author and activist…unprecedented…” – The Daily Beast

“…offers an unprecedented look at a the private life of a fearless writer whose every move has been second-guessed by polite society.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“…fascinates, arrests, and draws in the viewer…worth watching…succeeds admirably…” – Philadelphia Inquirer


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